Why Golang?

It is a programming language introduced by Google and it is open-source language by nature.

Reasons for using Golang into your solutions stack:

Ensures Simplicity
Great performance
Faster execution
Concurrent and reliable

We understand your requirements and will enable you to build complex apps and websites by becoming a part of your team’s golang development team. Right from the idea germinated by you, product development, testing, commercialization till the final release of your project, FiftyFive Technologies will not leave you in lurch.

How we assist your team?

Team extension

Our team becomes an extension of your team. Works on your project only.

Custom development

Get a time and effort estimate. You define your product concept. We deliver it.

Software upgradation

We help to upgrade and maintain legacy technology, integrations and support.

What FiftyFive has in store for you

Our developers are committed and will remain focused to your company. We are focused on delivery and quality and have compliance with IFSQ standards. We are complex problem solvers and have the ability to turn ideas into successful solutions. Through leveraging our highly adept and skilled Golang developers, we help you to build high speed, highly secured, error free, efficient websites which interact with front end development and will make your website, app or turnkey project scalable and outstanding.

Benefits of choosing us as your outsourcing partner


Cost Savings

Outsourcing helps to have the best resource pool at a lesser cost and you can save time to hire IT Professionals. We reduce overall tech cost by 40%.


Tech consultancy

We ensure that you get the right tech skills. It is not possible to have every updated technology and required skill in-house, but you can choose resources as per the tech need. We provide you tech consultancy.


Accountable Golang developers

We not only provide best quality Go language developers, but also who are devoted to your project and take full ownership and accountability of the efficient project completion of your Golang app developemnt.


Hire Go developers who are experts

Industry experts. Hire tech experts as per your need. Build a lean & agile team and hire dedicated Go developers who are able to handle multiple projects simultaneously.


Diligent Go developers

We not only have talented developers but also have diligent Go developers.


Culture Fitment

Our developers can get easily gel into you team’s culture and working style

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